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How to use your gmail account like a smart person

Por el 30-08-2013 Categoria: Gmail
new gmail account

When you have just opened a new email account with Google, you will not be able to use it like professional if you have not used any gmail account before. It usually appears easy when observing another person using an email account. However, the story will be different when it will be your turn to use your email account for …

How to set up your signature and priority inbox in your gmail account

Por el 30-08-2013 Categoria: Gmail
gmail priority inbox

When you have just started your account, you will probably find it a bit hard to use various advanced features. As a matter of fact, it will take you some time before you eventually unlock many advanced features that the gmail account is able to offer to every user. Two of some of the most important features of every account …

How to open a gmail account

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Opening a new email account is very easy. The process of opening a new email account is commonly referred to as the sign up process. Under normal circumstances, it should take you about 5 to 10 minutes to successfully create a new email account. But, there are certain important points that you have to bear in mind when creating a …

How to make your gmail account secure

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gmail account security

An email account that is strictly for business purposes must be guarded jealously. This is particularly because the account contains a lot of information that can be used against the owner of the account. For example, the account may have financial information from one’s bank account and may also have information regarding one’s residential address. For this reason, the account …

How to access your gmail account for the first time

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gmail new account

Having an email ID has become very important. Today, just about every adult needs a reliable and readily accessible email account for easy communication as well as for the transfer of files from one location to another. When you have just created a new account, you will obviously be craving to access it for the first time, especially if you …